The Problem

For families who have a child with a disability, navigating the public education system is very hard.

Sifting through legal jargon, trying to understand education codes and how they apply to their child, navigating the IEP meeting process without any guidance. With existing resources, assessing and understanding ones rights it a difficult if not demoralizing process that leaves many feeling helpless.

A Modern Solution

Clear Guidance

Getting Started with AlfrEDU
alfrEDU has definitions to help you understand your situation

alfrEDU walks you through the entire process, starting with assessing your families situation. Key questions about diagnostic categories, procedural rights, and Title II are answered right off the bat. It’s easy for the user to navigate to a question that is relevant to them. There is also an extensive section on due process, mediation, and hearings, as well as a glossary of legal and technical terms that makes it easy for people to understand their rights in any situation.

Organized Resources

alfrEDU will not only help you understand and assess your situation, but it is also packed with resources to help you take the next steps.

  • General Special Education Resources

  • Directory for Legal Services

  • Local Schools

  • Glossary of Terms and Acronyms

  • Mental Health Tips

  • Event Calendar for IEP Meetings

  • Tech Tips

AlfrEDU Calendar Feature

Who We Are

The Origins of alfrEDU

alfrEDU was originally a project by the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Chapter in San Diego, CA. After realizing how many families struggle through this process, and understanding the value in a project like this, they contracted Big Tomato Tech in Sacramento to oversee the technical development of the app. alfrEDU is currently being successfully used in San Diego County, and the technology is now available to any other municipality or school district that would like to help families with disabilities. By making it easier to navigate the legal and logistical aspects we can help ensure that everyone gets an equal chance to be educated.

Get In Touch With Us

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